Dry January Pina Colada Recipe

I 100% do not blame you if you are not doing dry January this year. We've had so much going on - and not to mention the pubs were closed half the year anyway - that it's okay if it's a bit much. However, for those of you that are taking it on, we've got you! If you hadn't realised, we love a cocktail or two over here at ROR, so what would be more fitting than giving you a little dry Pina Colada recipe to keep you going! All the holiday vibes without the hangover!

how to make a dry january pina colada mocktail drink

So, you will need: 

Pineapple juice

Coconut cream


a little umbrella to decorate of course

Fill your glass about 2 thirds the way with ice

what you need to make a dry pina colada

Add in 60ml of coconut cream. This gives a really subtle taste of coconut (I don't like too much) but if you like the taste add in two shots instead of one!

dry january mocktail recipe

Fill the rest of the glass with pineapple juice and chuck it all in the blender!

dry january pina colada option recipe

And viola! It is as easy as that! Add in your straw and umbrella and pretend you're sitting by a pool in a sunny country.

dry january pinacolada mocktail recipe

Are you trying out dry January?!

Bethan ROR xx

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