Easter Chic

 It’s that time of year when you start to have major dilemmas; bikini body or copious amounts of easter eggs… 

If you’re anything like team ROR, you’ll be counting down the days until Easter (that is, if you’ve not already caved in to the hundreds scattered around the supermarket!). We thought we’d give your mind a rest from the internal battle (let’s face it; chocolate will ALWAYS win) and show you our super sassy Easter collection!



Our Easter jumpers are perfect for the long bank holiday weekend; chic, stylish and they also come in extra handy for disguising those food babies! Go for a sassy slogan or choose Dom&Inks mer-mazing and exclusively designed mer-bunny; you’ll be the style Queen of Easter!



Need something for those who don’t want chocolate? Look no further than our Easter inspired make up bag collection! They’re cute, versatile (you can totes use them to store mini eggs) and best of all they will last all year round!



And remember, if you have a special Easter slogan of your own, we can personalise one just for you!


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