Eco friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

We are in full on Christmas mode now! It's December, it's chilly and we've started our Christmas shopping. In one of our posts last week I mentioned some quick tips on how we can all make our Christmas this year a more sustainable one. This lead me down a very deep gift wrapping rabbit hole on Pinterest and so thought it was only fitting to share all the ideas I found on how you can wrap your prezzies beautifully and more eco friendly!

eco friendly christmas gift wrap ideas and inspiration

As mentioned before, glitter wrapping cannot be recycled! So, here's some alternatives...

Brown paper is easy to recycle and (I think) it looks really cute and classic tied up with string. Another option that you might have lying around is newspaper! It looks so christmassy tied with some red ribbon too. You can use it like normal wrapping paper sheets or take a leaf from Jeneral Store and create little gift bags - click here to see what I mean! Another ideas I've seen floating around Pinterest is the use of fabric to wrap your gifts. You could use a patterned head scarf to wrap your present and then it's like 2 gifts in one!

sustainable christmas gift wrapping ideas

Now for the decoration!

Using an old misprinted t-shirt (yes I'm still finding things to make from that Pride tee!) I made a pom pom to decorate the top of the gift. Just cut some thin strips from the fabric then run it through your hands to curve the edges into a tube shape. Cut out two rings from some cardboard and begin wrapping the tube of fabric round them. Once you've filled the ring with a decent amount of yarn, get some scissors and put them between the two pieces of cardboard and cut. Then, tie around the whole thing with another piece of fabric and then you can take off the carboard pieces. Fluff it up and trim it a bit and you're good to go!

how to make a pom pom from left over material

diy pom pom tutorial from an upcycled t shirt

If the pom pom isn't taking your fancy, add some christamssy cuttings. Trim some sprigs from your Christmas tree, use some pieces of rosemary, maybe even a piece of holly - as long as you're careful! Dried oranges are also a great option! I used some heather from the garden.

sustainable present wrapping paper ideas

Or if you hate wrapping, just have us do it for you! Simply add a gift box to your order - click here to see them! Let us know if you have any more ideas on how we can make our Christmas wrapping more eco friendly!

Will you be trying any of these styles?

Bethan ROR XX

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