Eight 90s TV Shows We Miss!

We all have shows we wish were still on TV. Whether they bring back happy memories of times gone by, or they are just so good that you don't understand why they stopped making it (the actors should be signed for LIFE right!? Now I do feel as though we may be giving our age away with this blog post. We can't help that we grew up in THE BEST DECADE FOR TV EVER, but everything we came up with was either the 90s or early naughties. If you haven't heard of some of these, PLEASE YOU TUBE THEM. It's our public service to make sure you enjoy each of these deliciously designed shows; each one filled with laughs, life and love - ENJOY!

Friends - I mean obvs. The greatest show of all time EVER. Not going to lie, ever since it launched on Netflix, we've been dabbling in a little bit of the fab five. I don't think there is one life situation that you can't compare to an episode of our fave (where do we start!). We grew up with these characters, they are a part of us and we're very happy to have had them.

The Fresh Prince Of Belair - The show that started Will Smith's career, but we all know that Carlton was our fave! From Uncle Phil to the long line of Will's girlfriends, we were part of the family and don't even pretend that you can't rap the theme song from start to finish! In West Philadelphia born and raised, on a playground is where I spent most of my days...

Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Oh so much love for Sabrina! I mean anything with a talking cat in it and we're hooked! Way before Harry Potter and Hermione got us thinking we had magical powers, Sabrina was the witch we wanted to be!

Saved By The Bell - Oh Zach - our first crush. This high school drama was heaven to us British kids. We all presumed that's how high school was, and were obvs very disappointed to realise it wasn't anything like. Zach and Kelly were the original Ross and Rachel - they so need to do a 30 year reunion in 2022!!!

Zena The Warrior Princess - The original girl power role model! Zena was loved by men and women alike for her powerful warrior role (and maybe her skimpy outfits...). Either way, it was great to watch mega babe Lucy Lawless battle her way through the ancient world!

Gilmore Girls - Okay, so technically released in 2000, the pilot was shown in 1999, so it totally counts! What can we say; these girls got us through hard times, fun times and taught us many life lessons (like how important coffee is!). Although they had a Netflix reunion in 2016, we still miss those weekdays at 3pm!

Will & Grace - Although we loved the title characters, I think we all loved Jack and Karen a little bit more! The LGBT friendly show - it dealt with important issues with humour and made us all want to live in NYC with our gay best friend!

Keenan And Kel - "Who loves orange soda?" If you can't answer that, then sit down. Only joking! But if you have seen this Nickelodeon duo do their thang, then you seriously need to look it up. So funny and they were so popular at the time that they had their own film (which we totally went to see!).

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