Ethically made T shirts and Sweatshirts from Rock On Ruby

Ok, so you're here 'cos you probably watched that Blue Planet by David Attenborough... or you watched that documentary that Stacey Dooley did (Fashions Dirty Secrets), so now you want a bit more information about your clothes.

Well, DON'T WORRY. We totally saw that documentary too. And we decided then and there that things had to change. 

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In 2016, we decided to make the switch to ethical, fairwear clothing (read more about this in our interview with Ethical Market here). We wanted to be proud of the garments that we were selling, and as our main aim was to try and make a business that would provide a living for us, it seems only fair that this should be the same for the people who make our clothing too. We switched from our previous sweatshirt supplier to a new manufacturer that are:


This means that they are approved by the Fairwear Foundation. The Foundation is working to ensure that all the clothing we sell is ethically made and provides garment workers in factories with better working conditions.

This means:

- The workers Employment is freely chosen

- There is no discrimination in Employment

- No exploitation of Child Labour

- The right of all workers to form and join trade unions and bargain collectively shall be recognised.

- Payment of a living wage

- Reasonable hours of work

- Safe and healthy working conditions

- Legally binding employment relationship


We're really pleased to announce that we have switched the following T shirts to organic cotton tops:

White, Grey, Pale Pink, Nude, Black, Navy T-shirts
Our T-shirts are made from 100% organic, combed cotton. They are GOTS certified (GOTS are the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres) and the entire production process is controlled and certified in accordance with the latest version of GOTS. All products are labelled as Organic.

The way our t-shirts are produced complies with the FWF Code of Labour practices in accordance with the International Labour Organisation’s conventions, and are also Fairwear approved. 


Our T-shirts are made in manufacturing facilities that are powered by green renewable energy, from low-impact raw materials.


Ok, bear with us as this is about to get Science-y... 

Our clothing and printing materials are Oeko Tex approved which means we can have confidence in our textiles.

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels. The test checks for harmful substances in textiles.
A valid OEKO-TEX® certificate produced by a supplier provides us independent proof of the product being harmless to health and skin-friendly clothing.


Our printing materials are 'REACH compliant'. REACH addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.


All Rock On Ruby sweatshirt, T-shirts and make up bags are packaged in paper bags before they are shipped in our colourful mailing bags. The inks on our paper bags are water based and the paper is fully recyclable.
We made the switch to these paper bags in 2017 and ince then are proud that we have since used over 40,000 less plastic bags in our packaging. 

Our mailing bags are:

  • Made from a strong, recycled plastic which is completely opaque.
  • 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable.
We are working towards 100% paper packaging by the end of 2019.


Cardboard: We ensure that all the boxes that our stock arrives in is properly recycled with our local council. Along with any tins, glass and plastics!


Sometimes (rarely!) things can go wrong with a top during our making process. They’re not often major faults, but we Q.C. everything before it leaves us! So any misprints or seconds get donated to our local 'clothing recycling' company so they can get redistributed and re-used.

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