Festival Make Up You NEED!

Hey all, it´s the GNO Scout here! This week we´re all talking about:
How to get Festival Fabulous!!
Last weekend we hit V Festival.. and despite the frequent rain showers and lack of actual showers, we still made our best efforts to look suitably fabulous! (not sure how successful this was...)

If there´s ever a time to experiment with your hair and make up it´s at a festival! Luckily for us, we have just extended our range of Stargazer neon make up... So we had plenty of exciting treats to choose from to style our look!

Festival Style - Make Up - Neon Make Up - Glitter

Our girlynightout girls strategically placed the glitter stars on our cheeks and layered over the top the peach UV Holographic glitter shaker (held in place by our amazing Gel Glitter Fix)

Our sparkly look got lots of attention!

We then created crazy patterns with the UV neon pink face paint! Everybody was going neon crazy at V Festival Staffordshire... From spotty patterns to decorative designs, neon paint is one sure way to add a little ´festival style´ fun to your look!

That´s all for now.... Happy Shopping Girls!

The Scout xoxo

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