Fresher's Week Has Landed!

Calling All Freshers!

It´s that time of year when fresh-faced college kids start to try and fend for themselves amidst a barrage of fliers, Dominoes Pizzas and Lesson Timetables! As ex-students ourselves, we´ve played the Beer Pong, Rode the Bus and drank from the Funnel. We know you´ll be inducted, initiated and inebriated... and you are going to need some amazing Fancy Dress along the way!

If you´re at any half decent Uni this year (i.e. one with a Student Union!) we know exactly which Fancy Dress Costumes you are likely to need this Term:

1. School Uniform - Yes, you have probably just thrown your old uniform out! But dig your tie out of the bin (or check out our too cool for School ?Skool Geek? section!) because no Freshers Week is complete without a School disco!

2. Pub Golf - Involving ´Hole´ lot of drinking! There´s no doubt that your tour of campus will involve golf clubs, sexy socks and crazy golf hats!

3. Hawaiian - No matter what the weather, it´s never too cold for Students to strip off and create their own indoor Beach parties. Get ´Lei-ed´ in our sexy Hawaiian accessories!

4. Army Costumes - There´ll be no disguising the fact that you´re drunk in our selection of Camouflage Fancy Dress!

5. Cowboys and Indians - Don your Daisy Dukes with a super fashionable Checked shirt and you´ll ready for a ´Rootin Tootin´ good time! Accessorise your outfit with our range of Cowgirl guns, Hats and Bandanas!

With Most Universities holding their Fresher´s Fairs today and tomorrow, get down to your local one to find out what´s happening, when!

Good Luck Freshers! The Girls xx
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