Frightening Fun for Halloween!

Are you ready for some frightening fun this Halloween?? Do you have your Halloween Costume sorted?!

With exactly 10 days until Fright Night, it´s time you got into the Halloween "Spirit"! Our top 3 events for this Halloween are:

1) Zombie Aid - Sunday 31st October. Halloween Fancy Dress parade around Manchester City Centre 6pm

2) Grimm Up North - Spooky film Festival... Halloween Weekend at the Dancehouse.

3) Wear It Pink - Breast Cancer Fundraiser, Friday 29th October at ´wear´ever you like! With work, friends or family, whatever you do for this one make sure you´re wearing Pink!

You can find more information on each of these events, in our previous blog posts.

As we´re gearing up for Halloween, some of the girlynightout girls have picked their favourite Halloween Jokes to share with you all!

Lynzie - Why do Witches wear name tags? So they know which Witch is which!

Sally - Why do Vampires brush their teeth? To prevent Bat breath!

Vic - What sauce does the Skeleton like with every meal? Grave-y!!

Olivia - What do short-sighted Ghosts wear?! Spooktacles!

You can read more about the girlynightout team in the ´About Us´ section. In the meanwhile, get your Halloween Costume ready and start planning which Halloween parties and events you´ll be going to!

Happy Haunting! Love, The Girls xx
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