From Student to Princess - the Royal Wedding

There´s no doubt that Kate Middleton has come a long way since Prince William first spotted her on a catwalk in St. Andrews? But as the Royal Wedding on the 29th April will change her Princess Kate, it looks like Kate´s style might have to change too!

We think Kate looks gorgeous whether she´s out on the town or headed to a wedding

And like any Bride to Be, there´s no doubt that Kate Middleton will have strong views about what her Wedding Day should be like... Unfortunately, with all the world watching, she may have to run her ideas past the rest of the Royal Family first?

The latest debate is apparently over Kate´s decision to want to wear flowers in her hair for the Royal Wedding! Camilla is said to be desperate to persuade the bride to wear a tiara to keep in line with tradition? ,

While William and Kate know that there are traditions and formalities that they need to observe, it seems that they also realise that some of these could be seen to be well out of date in the ´real world´!

Changes that William and Kate have made to try and break away from the ´dull´ Royal traditions:

- They have chosen the smaller Westminster Abbey ? rather than St Paul´s for the Royal Wedding.

- Harry will be called be called the Best Man and not the Royal Family´s traditional obscure title of ´Supporter´.

- The Buckingham Palace lunch is set to be a very ´middle-class´ buffet. (Cocktail sausage anyone?!)

- Unlike Diana, who used the Glass Coach, Kate is arriving at the Abbey by car.

But with pressure from the Royal Family on how a future Princess should act, Kate has already been seen in some super-stuffy outfits....

Despite this, we´re thrilled to see that Kate isn´t afraid to let her lucious locks down and go out in Fancy Dress:

With all the debates, traditions and pressure on Kate, it will be very interesting to see what style of wedding dress Kate picks?

No doubt with her flowing hair and super long legs she´ll look just fabulous!

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Love, The Girls xx

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