Frozen Make Up Inspo

Get inspired with this Frozen Make Up look from our Christmas Party!

So! Start by applying foundation to the lids and across the forehead only -  this means you can blend your eyemakeup into the skin without having to worry about fallout. I used Illamasqua Skinbase Foundation.

On the eyes Patrick used 24 Hour Colour Tattoo by Maybelline in a gorgeous shimmering blue. Buff this out then set with your favourite blue illamasqua powder eye shadows and a shimmering Stargazer pigment. To work in a touch of definition (but not over power the eyes) apply a gel liner wing on the eyes. Work this underneath the lash line too!

For the brows and lashes, Patrick used Kryolan Tv White Ultra Cream Foundation as a base then pressed over a white sparkly craft glitter to make them look super icey!

Clean up under the eyes and apply the rest of the foundation by buffing it on smoothly.. Patrick also placed a highlight on the skin again using the Kryolan Tv White Ultra Cream Foundation. Then, he set it all with powder and finished the highlight with the same stargazer pigment that has an ice blue iridescence. LOVE.

To finalize the look you need to create an icy 'ombre' lip! Patrick applied Illamasqua Disciple all over, then pressed the stargazer pigment with the craft glitter into the center. Simple!

If you have any questions about this look, ask Patrick on instagram - Patric­kBas­ton­MakeUp

Love xx
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