Gaga make up!

She´s known for her crazy costumes and outfits that seem almost like fancy dress... And her latest look for a Japanese TV appearance looked like she was wearing a bizarre animal fancy dress?!

Introducing, Lady Gaga - The Gagapanda

Gaga created her look with a black and white dress, strong black eye make up and a hair do that made her look like she had little Panda ears! Interestingly enough, the Panda is actually the native animal of China NOT Japan!

Speaking on the Japanese TV show, Gaga declared ´I really like pandas,´ Pandas have paws, and I always tell my fans to put their paws up. I´ve been eating a lot of bamboo this week.´

Later in the program Gaga listed ´one day having panda babies´ as one of her dreams. She has also started referring to herself as Gagapanda on Twitter!?

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Happy Shopping Girls! xx
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