Get Burlesque Glam for New Years Eve!

If your only impression of Burlesque was a bloated Christina bouncing up n down the Xfactor stage with dodgy hair extensions... Then read this blog!

The girlynightout team has been to see the film and actually, quite liked it!?

The film (which follows roughly the same plot line as Coyote Ugly) is surprisingly funny and charming! Christina makes a fairly convincing lead role (despite sporting a dodgy fringe)... And whilst the plot line is quite ropey in parts, the singing and dancing more than make up for it!

The Storyline

The Burlesque Lounge is threatened with closure but Tess (aka Cher!) a retired dancer and owner of the venue, is determined to keep the aging theater alive. With persistent ­threats from a wealthy businessman to buy the spot from Tess, she needs to find a solution quick!!

The arrival of Ali (Christina!) a small-town girl with a big voice, could be seen to very fortunate timing ­indeed... Hired by Tess as a waitress at the Lounge, Ali quickly proves her worth and takes to the stage!

Good points - Fab costumes, great dancing and it´s fun to try and remember where you´ve seen half the cast before... (Twilight, the OC, Glee, Grey´s Anatomy - see if you can spot them!) Plus Jack the bar man is easy on the eye!

Downside? - Cher´s cringey ´Last of Me´ solo.

Verdict - Yes it´s predictable, yes its corny, but its super girly!

Get Burlesque glam for this New Year with frilly French knickers, fabulous False eyelashes and marvellous make up? Think sequins and sparkle, feathers and frills, and of course Red Lipstick!

Get The Look:

French Knickers - Our frilly Tutu Knickers are perfect for recreating the Burlesque look! Choose from a range of colours to get the look you want...

Party Stockings and Tights - Black Stockings with Diamante Seam

Finish off your look with some sparkly body jewels, killer heels and lashings of hairspray. Then get dancing!

Happy New Year!

Love, The Girls! xx

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