Get Ready For Autumn Winter...

So we're heading straight into A/W14! Get ready to pack away your Summery brights and retire into the gloomy hues of Winter time... But before you start thinkin that you have nothing to wear, Kaitlyn Kircher advises you on how to mic together different tones to create a fabulously Autumnal look >>

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How to wear black and brown... Together!!

Pairing black and brown clothes together, did that just make you shudder a little? When it comes to this topic, you’re either for it or totally against it. It seems as though there’s really no “grey” area.  However, I’ve found that when styled right, this can actually be done!

So what’s the issue?

Black and brown are both neutrals so how could they not go together?  Yes, they are neutrals, but like every colour that’s ever existed in this entire universe, these colours are multi­dim­en­sional, which means that it takes many different colors to make up just one.

Have you ever worn all black clothing and noticed that they don’t match? It’s because some blacks have a different undertone than others. The same goes for brown as well! Some browns can have a warmer undertone (more red / yellow) or a cooler undertone (more blue / green). I can imagine your eyebrows rose after that statement… but it’s true! All colours, aside from the primary colors, are comprised of other colors, and depending on the amount of each, will give a different tone of that color.

Above I’ve demonstrated what an appropriate pairing of black and brown can look like! What I like to do is to pick one of the colors and wear a majority of that, then add a touch of the other. When you try to wear too much of both, that’s when you notice that the outfit looks unbalanced and slightly strange. So in the above photo, even though I’m not wearing all brown, I paired my brown Nine West boots with a neutral taupe shirt and jacket. This also adds a nice balance to an outfit because it keeps the outfit from looking too monochromatic as well. The addition of the plain Adidas leggings adds a nice break into the outfit, which if you do chose to be more monochromatic can be a fantastic addition to help separate the top and bottom and keep it from looking like you’re wearing a jumpsuit.

Not only does this apply to actual pieces of clothing, it also applies to accessories as well. Not all of us have an endless supply of bags that we can change depending on our outfit! Sometimes we need to work with what we have. If you are trying to wear say a brown purse with a black outfit or vice versa, remember the same rules apply for if you’re trying to pair pieces together in those colors. It’s all about the tones of the neutrals because that is what indicates if something clashes or not.

Putting together pieces like this is all about styling and showing that you are wearing the clothes, the clothes aren’t wearing you. If you don’t feel confident, then don’t wear it! You want to always exude confidence and be confident in the clothes you are wearing; because it shows when you don’t.

Written by Kaitlyn Kirchner – A 22 year-old immersed in the NYC fashion industry. “Living my life like a page out of Vogue” Check out her blog at thestri­ctly­fas­hion.­com
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