Get The Party Started with Celebrity Masks & Games!

The Holidays are all about bonding with family and old friends... So before Dad falls asleep by the fire and Mum forces you to do the dishes, why not get everyone into the party spirit with a few games!!?

Perfect for Christmas and New Years Eve.... make this Christmas extra Merry!

Guess Who??

Our Celebrity Masks make THE perfect ´Guess the Celeb´ game. Gone are the days of sticking Post-It notes on your head to guess which Celebrity is written there.... Grab a few of our Celebrity Masks and get the party started! Ask questions that can only be answered with a Yes or a No, quickest person wins!

(Your mates will be even more impressed when you say that ?Cheryl Cole? will be at yours for Christmas...!!)

Christmas Quiz

Can YOU name all of Santa´s reindeer?? Get your thinking caps on! Get some Christmassy questions written down, get into teams and see who the Christmas Pudding really is!

Pass The Present!

This Golden Oldie needs no explanation! Simply wrap one (awesome) present with plenty of paper! Pass the present around your party and when the music stops a layer comes off! Take a look at our Girly Night Out Stocking Fillers for some super girly gifts and fun presents for under a fiver!

The Sorting Hat!

Have a large assortment of hats. (See our fabulous section of Wigs, Hats and Masks!) Each person pulls a hat out of a large bag. They then have thirty seconds to speak and act as they imagine the ´owner´ that hat would behave. Think accents, body language, history, names? This one could be funny! Can´t manage thirty seconds?? It´s forfeit time!

Christmas Carol Pictionary

A race against the clock to guess the name of a Christmas Carol! (Great for all you budding artists out there!) One person draws and the team members have to guess the song and then sing it. The first team to have all team members complete the task wins!

Don´t forget to add some fun Christmas Accessories to your party this year? Santa Hats are a must! And for New Years Eve, our New Years Masks look amazing!

Happy Holidays!

Love, The Girls xx

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