Get The Saturdays Hen Party style!

So, we all witnessed Marvin´s Las Vegas Stag Party with the JLS crew and his very own mini-me... This weekend, it was Rochelle´s turn!

The soon to be Mrs Hume, decided to throw a joint Hen Party with her fellow Saturday Una! The gorgeous girls headed off to London in a massive group of 48 people and ended up at the Rose club in Marylebone.

Frankie´s first tweet about Rochelle´s Hen Party was: "On our way to the Hen...No willie´s, just an apple"

But a few hours later and the girls were fully kitted out in fabulous Hen Party Accessories and the odd Willy Straw!

Vanessa tweeted the picture below saying: "Love this pic... before it got messy lol!"

The girls had got Rochelle an amazing assortment of Hen Night goodies including, a silver tiara, sparkly veil, L Plates and a sexy garter!

The Hens also had matching Hen Party sashes, feather boas, hen party bubbles and hen night boppers. You can get the very same sashes from our Hen Party Sash section for only £1.99 each!

The gorgeous singer even had a celebrity mask of Marvin - to remind her to behave on her Hen Night perhaps?!

Myleene tweeted again this morning saying:

Home from Hen. Opened my handbag to discover a penis shaped lipstick and a willie bubble wand. Thanks and . X

Ahh happy memories!

If you want to go make sure your Hen Party goes off with a bang then head to our Hen Party Accessories section - there´s everything you need ofr your girly night out! (And if there´s something that you need that you can´t see, just ask!)

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Love The Girls xxx

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