Get Your Own Twilight Wedding Dress

Us Twihard fans had eagerly awaited the most recent Twilight Movie and not just to see Edward on screen again (Swoon!) but also to see ?The Wedding Dress?

Yes, we were still debating over the Edward vs Jacob debate, but this time round we ALL had an opinion on what ?The Dress? should be like?

And it didn´t disappoint!

When speaking about ?The Dress? at the Premiere of Twilight, dress designer Caroline Herrera said:

"Well, the inspiration became a little bit by the book, and the description of the book, and the magic and the moment that is the wedding and also about her (Bella´s) personality which is very important in a wedding gown. She is this very innocent girl that is believing in her first true love and there is romance and there is fantasy and mystery. Everything. So, I took all that into consideration."

Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight) worked with Caroline Herrera to get the look just right and said ?I wanted the dress to have a period feel without being actually vintage,?

And now, devoted Twilight fans, if you´re getting married or (like us!) just want to play dress-up, you can now own Bella´s very own wedding dress - well, one that looks just like it...

We blogged about Alfred Angelo´s gorgeous Disney Princess Wedding Dresses way back in July, and now Alfred has made an almost perfect replica of Bella´s couture creation. With long sleeves, beautiful button detail, a sexy lace cut-out back and a gorgeous long train? now we all have the chance to look like Bella!

And the best bit? Whilst Bella´s Carolina Herrera gown cost $35,000 (!) Alfred Angelo´s version will set you back just over £500 ($799).

Apparently Staff in Alfred Angelo´s stores have been getting a little bit frustrated with certain "Twi-hards" who are making it ´extremely difficult to conduct business´, because these fans are not actually getting Married but just want to try on Bellas dress!

Is it wrong to buy one of these merely for Fancy Dress purposes?!

Lots of Love xx

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