Girl Boss Diaries: - Bloggers Olivia and Alice

Sisters, bloggers and girl bosses; Alice and Olivia really are conquering the world of fashion right now. With a super successful clothing brand, model looks and fabulous travels across the globe; you can see why these sassy sisters are gaining followers by the minute! We caught up with the girls to see what goes on behind the scenes of their growing blogging career, and what they have coming up for the rest of the year!

For those who haven’t seen you before, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and your blog? Sure! We are two sisters from London who blog together, run a fashion brand together and also live together! We started our brand Amelia Jane London in 2014 and were super lucky in that it took off and we were busy straight away! One of our favourite aspects of having the brand is working with so many lovely bloggers, and since people are often asking us what we get up to in the world of fashion, we decided to start our own blog too to run alongside the brand!

Why did you originally start your blog?

To give people an insight into our lives, and because we were often dressing for fashion events and taking photos of our outfits for our own or brand Instagram pages, so it seemed a natural progression to start one together. We absolutely love it and so far so good, in this day and age it seems to make sense for people to have a few different businesses/­income streams, and these two definitely work well running alongside one another.

What is the best experience you’ve had through your blog?

We absolutely love Coachella festival and have been lucky enough to go for the last two years and work with brands at the festival and in Los Angeles. Collaborating with brands that we absolutely love at the festival is so much fun because the atmosphere is amazing and we love festival fashion! We loved wearing our Rock on Ruby tee’s on our last visit!

What have you got coming up in 2017?

Our next main focus aside from getting our new Amelia Jane London collection live in the next couple of weeks is London Fashion Week, we have quite a few shows and events planned already over Fashion Week and we can’t wait, its an opportunity to wear outfits that you’d like to wear on a daily basis but are more OTT and so you wouldn’t necessarily wear them to the office! We really love meting other bloggers too and are attending a few blogger events at Fashion Week too which we are super excited about. We are also starting a Youtube channel and moving into our new flat next month so it is definitely all go but we are definitely not complaining!

Can you give any tips for people who want to start a blog?

Having only recently started our own blog, we would hope that we could give tips to people wanting to start a blog, and think its so important for people wanting to do so to give it a try. If you don’t start somewhere, you’ll never know where it could lead, our motto is “nothing comes from nothing.” In terms of the losistics of it, definitely remaining true to your own style is key, and at first asking friends or family to take your photos is essential. Our mum has take a lot of our initial photography for us and we are proud to say so! Uploading consistently is key to growing your following, and maintaining a tone of voice that is true to you while being bright and cheery is also something we would recommend too!

ROR Quick Fire! Describe yourselves in 3 words 

Determined, positive, quirky

Who is your celeb style icon?

Mary Kate and Ashley of course!

Who do you stalk on IG?

We lvoe the aesthetic of lots of the European bloggers, the Germand and Dutch really know how to take photos and put their outfits together! Xenia Van Der Woodsen, Claire Rose Cliteur, Emma Connolly is also beautiful with a cool chilled style that we love!

Fave Instagram account?


Biggest Style ‘no no’?


Fave Trend This Season?

Red, stripes and bold primary colours, we also love how vintage tee’s are everywhere right now and they are super cool while being casual at the same time (Rock on Ruby our faves of course!)

Make Up Product You Can’t Live Without?

 Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil for Alice, The Body Shop lip balm for Liv.

Fave holiday destination 

Greece, Barbados

Fave Song Right Now?

Dua Lipa, New Rules.

Favourite Quote?

“There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure"

You can follow the girls on their blog or on their super sassy Instagram!

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