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We're all about inspiring women here at Rock On Ruby, so what better way to get some end of week motivation (and a bit of a pick up after last night's game), than hearing about fellow girl bosses who are nailing it right now. So, we've decided to start our new 'Girl Boss Diaries', where each month we'll introduce you to powerful, inspiring women, who we've found whilst working on our own little business. From models and bloggers, to independent brand directors; we'll bring you some of the UK's most inspirational women and find out all about their journey. To start with, we've interviewed the women behind one of our fave brands on Instagram, and we can't wait to tell you more...

Meet Tory; super mum, boss lady and all round gorgeous northerner! Tory owns Fox and Moon, a business that creates and sells unique and individual planners, diaries and other awesome stationary. She's a girl after our own heart, and loves a sassy slogan (who doesn't) and also wants to help and motivate women in their day to day lives. From food diaries, to wedding planning, Tory has you covered! We grabbed a quick 15min with the brains behind Fox and Moon to ask how she juggles motherhood, her business and social media!

You started your business because you struggled to find something you were looking for - so you made your own! Did you ever imagine Fox and Moon would grow this big?

I can honestly say no, absolutely not. That’s not because I my doubted my work ethic, but more because I wasn’t sure people would ‘get it’.  I was combining pretty stationery, dieting and swear words – it definitely was an odd combination! But surprisingly, so many women could relate to my work and were looking for something exactly like I was.

 Had you had any background in business, and if not, where and how did you learn?

My family have a lot of experience in business but I personally did not. I have learnt everything I know on the job and I can honestly say that what I have learnt in the past two and half years, I am pretty sure I couldn’t have learnt on any course or from any book. I often wonder if it would benefit me to do a business degree but I seem to have managed thus far – so why not keep going. It is incredible what you can pick up from hands on experience.

Social media has been a big part of Fox and Moon’s story - do you think you’d have been such a success without it?

I have a lot to thank Social Media for and definitely class myself as an Instagram born business and I don’t think I would be anywhere near as successful without it. You can have so much fun with Social Media and my account really reflects me as a person as well as my business,  people seem to really relate to that more than just selling products in a catalogue form. I can express myself in pictures, quotes, captions besides my work and I love the creative side of it.

 Describe a typical day in the life of mum/girl boss

A typical day starts with Harper (age nearly 3) waking me up, a strong black coffee whilst getting the dog out, getting us all dressed and out the door for 7.30am. I then drop Harper at nursery which is close to my office and then head to work. I don’t even turn my computer on until I have made another coffee and put my music on (it is like my day won’t be right if I don’t start this way!). I then get all the orders printed out ready for packing, reply to emails, a couple of runs to the post office, all whilst bopping away to usually 90’s R&B or Radio 1. I regularly have deliveries to deal with, orders to place, new designs to work on, invoices to pay and this is all in a day’s work. I aim to leave the office around 4pm to collect Harper from nursery so we can spend some time together before she goes to bed and then often do Social Media work with a glass of something & Love Island on once she is tucked up in bed.

 You originally started out with just food/diet planners. What made you decide to expand into other areas of planning?

I originally started with Diet Planners because this was something I needed and wanted and couldn’t find. The response to them was incredible and most of my work is still based on this. However, my needs have changed. Weight loss isn’t my priority so much anymore (although sometimes I think it should be *scoffs another Curly Wurly*). I have a toddler, a busy husband, a house we are working on, a successful business and I need my planners to reflect that there is more to life than losing weight – so my designs are changing.

What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram without a doubt! I love the creative freedom as I mentioned earlier, especially with all the updates they keep bringing. I can engage with my followers through Insta Stories, showcase my products through the squares whilst also keeping the light hearted fun through quotes and captions. I am too old for SnapChat, although my younger brother keeps trying to teach me. And Facebook just has too much going on for my liking. And Twitter – not a clue. Maybe I should consider a Social Media course alongside that business qualification I don’t have!

There’s been a lot in the media recently about women “having it all”. As a busy working mum, do you think this is as fair statement?

I am a very busy, working Mum and I choose to work as much as I do, I choose my own hours and work after bed time and this is all my own choice. I take help where I need it, for example, we have a cleaner at home, because quite honestly, I don’t want to spend any of my free time cleaning, and that is also my choice. I split so much of the household chores with my husband Nick, and he does all the cooking (he is a Chef so I feel it’s only fair!). Occasionally I do feel overwhelmed but that is not because I am doing it all, it is because I am only human and some days are just harder than others!

 What have you got planned for the future of Fox and Moon? 

How long have you got?!

I have so many ideas and not enough time at the moment. 2018 has been a very busy year for me, we bought a house, got married, ALL my friends have gotten married, honeymooning, preparing to turn the big 3-0 and I really wanted to push Fox & Moon forward this year and I feel I have achieved that. I want to design more planners, more helpful tools for busy women like myself, more beautiful stationery, build amazing relationships with other businesses and just keep the sass coming! Watch this space!

Quick Fire!


Can I have savoury then sweet!? haha

Love Island/Poldark

Love Island all the way!


Flats – I am tall at 5’11”


Dogs – we have a Pug called Bentley

Mum Life/Girl Boss Life

Both – hustle hard


I love to be away but always love to come home & back to work

Sunbathe/Water Sports 

Sunbathe – I have absolutely no balance what so ever


90’s music, 00’s tech

Designer/High Street

I am often found in Primark and Gucci trainers

It’s Coming Home/Not A Chance 

I am typing this in extra time – fingers crossed!!!

You can find out more about Tory on her website - www.­foxmoon.­co.­uk

Or on follow her on Instagram @fox_and_moon

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