Girl Boss Diaries: Model Samio

We love a good northern soul here at ROR, and boy have we found a gooden' with one of our fave Mancunian girls; Samio! Samio is not only a beautiful model, blogger and globe trotter, she is also, as we say up here 'a right laugh'. With her infectious smile, great sense of humour and her amazing trademark afro; she's an absolute pleasure to be around. So, she was naturally our choice for June's blogger of the month!

For those who havent seen you before, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm Samio and I'm a model and blogger from Manchester.

Why did you start your blog?

I initially started my blog as a creative outlet between modelling full time. I enjoy modelling but I wanted to create a space where I was making the rules and getting to have my own creative input. As a model you don't often get the chance to do that, as you're more of a tool to help create someone else's vision. My blog gave me a space where I could use my creativity. I get to be the creative director, writer, editor AND model.

What is the best experience youve had through your blog?

I think the best thing has been meeting two people who have now become some of my closest friends. It's great working with brands you love and getting cool experiences but nothing beats meeting like minded people who you just click with. That's definitely been the best experience for me.

What have you got coming up in 2017?

A lot of trips. I can't believe we are 6 months into the year already but I've took it upon myself to make this year a year of ticking new destinations off the list. I've been abroad 6 times already this year and I have no intention in stopping yet.

Can you give any tips for people who want to start a blog?

Be creative. Be consistent (lol, I need to take my own advise on that one)... And most importantly have fun, because there is no point it doing it unless you really enjoy it.

ROR Quick Fire!

Describe yourself in 3 words...

Silly Honest Spontaneous

Who is your celeb style icon?

Gwen Stefani. Although our style is quite different, I always think she looks awesome and I've just always had a love for that woman since her No Doubt days.

Who do you stalk on IG?

My friend Onyi (one of the awesome friends I mentioned meeting through blogging), she consistently posts these amazing images and I'm in awe of her photography skills. I can never keep up with all the content she puts out and sometimes I need to have a good stalk, double tapping all her images!

Fave Instagram account?

Egg Canvas.

Biggest Style no no’?

Ugg boots.Unless they are for round the house or taking out the bins. Otherwise, sorry, I just don't understand.

Fave Trend This Season?

Is the raw hem thing still a tend? I'm a bit rubbish with trends, I tend to just wear the same things on repeat, thinking up different ways to style them. But I have a pair of jeans that I lived in for a while and wanted to give them a refresh, so I cut off the hem, then voila, on trend jeans without having to make a purchase.

Make Up Product You Cant Live Without?


Fave holiday destination?

Las Vegas probably...or Barcelona...Or Lisbon! Can I say all three?

Fave Song Right Now?

I'm torn between The Last Shadow Puppets - Sweet Dreams TN and Kendrick Lamar - Pride. I mostly play those two songs on repeat.

Favourite Quote?

Never presume. It's not really a quote but it's something I often tell myself to make sure I ask questions or find things out, rather than just presuming.

You can read Samio's blog here - or follow on her IG at @samiorenelda

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