Girly Night Out Goes Smurfing!

Us Girly Night Out girls were thrilled to be the smurfin´ great sponsors of this years StudentFest in Liverpool!
Smurf Costumes / Blue Gnome Costumes
Organised by Cool It! events in Liverpool, the night was such a smurfing success that students from the whole of the North West queued around the block to get into the chosen venues!
Smurf Costumes - Smurf Fancy Dress - Girly Night Out
Our mission was to get these crazy students as Smurfed up as possible as part of the Blue Gnome Theme - and WOW did they look great! StudentFest ticket holders were offered a smurftastic discount from our Girly Night Out Team, plus more Hats were available on the day for those less organised Gnomes...!
*Keep an eye on our Blog and Facebook Page for similar Special Offers popping up near Halloween!*
Smurf Costumes - Smurf Fancy Dress - Girly Night Out
These Students showed how you can make a simple Gnome Costume look totally funky by adding Neon Glow Bracelets, customising your White Hat and having fun with your Blue Face Paint!
Smurf Costumes - Smurf Fancy Dress - Girly Night Out
One of the challenges for the night was to find the elusive Papa Smurf and get a photo with him - a challenge that was thoroughly enjoyed by the female Smurfs...

Smurf Costumes - Smurf Fancy Dress - Girly Night Out

Looking hot in their customised version of our Deluxe Papa Smurf Costume!

Cool It! Events have just announced that following the success of the night, they are planning a Halloween Special for the end of October... If you want to get involved, check out our Sexy Halloween Costumes and visit their Facebook Page for more info! (Facebook - Studen­tFe­stLi­ver­pool)

PLUS! We have plenty of Gnome Hats and Official Smurf Costumes still available online! So if you fancy becoming Blue this Halloween, then there´s a Gnome Costume for you!

Love The Girls xx

Smurf Costumes courtesy of StudentFest

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