Girly Night Out's Top 5 Festival Essentials

Glastonbury Festival

With exactly a week to go until Glastonbury, the Festival hype is well and truly underway...

If you're a Festival virgin, then you may be feeling slightly nervous about what to expect. There are so many "essentials" that you need that you won't know where to begin! Don't panic, over the next few weeks we'll be giving you our words of advice on how to survive the Festival Season. Starting with: Our Top 5 Festival Essentials (Girly Night Out Style)

1. A Neon Visor.

Neon Visors - Neon Fancy Dress

It's official, cowboy hats are out and neon is IN! 80s stlye is back with a vengeance. From high waisted shorts to cropped tops and bold colours, why not complete your look with a neon visor? Handy for keeping the sun off your face too!

2. Neon Over the Knee Socks

Neon Over the Knee Socks

Match your socks to your wellies or pick a bright colour to clash! Neon socks not only look fab but can be worn over the knee if it starts to get chilly at night... Brr!

3. Make Up? Neon Face Paint

Neon Face Paint Make Up

Get into the swing of things with some neon face paint! One little tube will be plenty for a group of girls and will instantly send you into Festival mode. Get creative with yours... Spots, stripes, clashing colours and don't just limit it to your face!

4. Floral Headband

Floral Headband

A Festival essential.From Coachella to Glasto, the floral headband is practically seen as the traditional Festival accessory. Super fun and girly, but also handy for tidying your hair on day 3 of the festival.

5. False Lashes

False Lashes

No glamper would be complete without a pair of falsies! With the late nights and early mornings, hangovers can be rife on a campsite. Some days a layer of mascara just won't cut it. Our false lashes are easy to apply and are re-usable! Perfect for an instantly eye-catching look.

Keep an eye on the Blog for the next post on Festival advice....

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