Going Gaga for Halloween...

If we didn´t know better, we could easily say that Gaga has been inspired by our Luxury Witch Costumes for her latest day wear...

The eccentric star who is well known for her outrageous clothes, was spotted wearing gothic black 2 days in a row whilst out and about in New York!

Get the look with our gorgeous Glam Black Feather Witch Hat with Veil. This gorgeous black satin hat is adorned with luxurious black feathers and net. Wear it with the gothic black veil over your face to get that truly Gaga look!

Or, if you want to dress as Lady Gaga herself then all you will need is this Extreme Pop Sensation Wig! Complete your look with an outrageous pair of False Eyelashes, bright lipstick and some super high heels
What to Wear to be Lady Gaga:
- Black Fishnet Tights - Outrageous False Eyelashes - Super High Heels - Gaga Wig - Think bright colours... - Pink Lightning bolt painted onto your face - Attitude!
So the only question is, what will Lady Gaga wear for Halloween?! Jeans and a Tshirt....? We can´t wait to see!

Have a Happy Halloween!

Love The Girls xx

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