Halloween Campaign 2017 - First Look!

We wanted our 2017 Halloween collection to go with a bang, so we were pretty excited when the blogger, henna artist and all round girl boss Hina Ansari, agreed to team up with up to shoot our spooky campaign! We headed down to the Northern Quarter with our new tees, Hina's suitcase full of rainbow inspired outfits, and an odd smoke bomb or two. The results; Hina looking insanely good in our 'Hun Dead' T Shirt!

We wanted to show you didn't have to go all out (although who wouldn't!?) for Halloween. Perhaps you have a day time event, or just want to show your spooky side more subtly. Then look no further than our sassy slogans with a hint of the un-dead. Dom and Ink has managed to remain on trend and chic with his designs, and Hina styling them with jeans, reminded us how these babes are okay all year round!

So what not embrace the ghoulish, rock something scary this October and remember all the best people are slightly spooky!

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(photo's by @­jackgra­ci­ep­hoto)

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