Happy Halloween from The Inbetweeners!

Ladies, here in the office we have been weeping tears of laughter and sadness - as the latest series of the Inbetweeners has already come to an end!

Nooooooo! Never before have we seen so much projectile vomit in one show.... So many cringe worthy moments... And so many geeks! There´s been plenty of new ´Inbetweeners quotes´ flying around GNO HQ - and so many that shouldn´t be repeated on our beautiful site!! Heck no!

Girls, you will be happy to hear that the Geek Chic trend is still riding high even after the Inbetweeners term has ended! Why not pay homage to your four favourite fellas this Halloween in our super cool Skool Geek range?? With everything from ties and geek specs to canes and caps, you´ll be able to recreate your very own ´Rudge Park Comprehensive´ look in no time!

If you want something a little spookier (although we think Jay actually is a bit creepy....) then Zombie-fy your Skool costume with the Fake Blood and Facepaints in our Halloween Hair and Make Up section. Start planning your half term Halloween party now!! (For Halloween Partyware, Click here!)

Lots of love, The Girls xx
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