Happy Halloween! What's it all about?!

Ok, so we´ve been blogging non-stop about Halloween recently (we might be a tad over excited about this years Halloween Costumes!) But does anybody know what Halloween is really about?! We decided to google the Halloween Holiday and get the spooky facts! (it´s actually quite interesting!)

How it all began.....

Halloween was believed by the ancient Celts to be the one evening of the year when the border between our world and the ´otherworld´ became scarily thin.... (Eek!) This allowed good and bad spirits to pass through. Families would encourage and invite past ancestors into their homes, but try and scare away the nasty, harmful spirits!

This is where the tradition of wearing Halloween Costumes and Masks began! The Celts tried to disguise themselves as bad spirits themselves to avoid any harm... Traditional outfits include Witches, Vampires, Cats, Devils and Fallen Angels (all of which are handily available in our Halloween Costume section!)

Nowadays anything goes at Halloween! All manner of costumes are used to scare away the bad spirits - choose your look and spookify your costume with our range of Halloween Hair and Make Up. This is the one time of year when you can really let out your wild side!

So Happy Haunting Girls!

Love, The Girls xx
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