Have a *Sparkling* Night Out!

Bonfire Night - UV Neon Wear

It´s been a busy month for girlynightout! After a hectic few weeks sending out Halloween orders and organising our new sexy Christmas Costumes (online NOW! eek!) The girlynightout team decided to relax, grab a glass of wine and get together for a beautiful Bonfire Night party!We got into our ´Winter Woolies´, snuggled up round a wood fire, and pulled out some sparklers and chestnuts for a little bit of festive fun! After trying (and failing!) to spell out G.N.O with our sparklers, we managed to safely set off some very impressive fireworks!

When our girl´s night really got going, we couldn´t stop playing the very appropriate ´Fireworks´  by Katy Perry! What a tune! We love her crazy video (and her neon blue wig!).

If you want to add a little sparkle to your next girlynightout why not take a look at our UV  Neon Wear and Accessories? We have Glow Sticks (aka indoor sparklers?!) Glow Bracelets  and a whole range of neon accessories. Fancy trying a Neon Blue Wig in the style of Katy  Perry?! We have Fab neon wigs in a variety of colours!

Get Glowing Girls!

Lots of love xx
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