Heidi Klum does Halloween best!

Heidi Klum may be a world famous model, but in Celebland she is also well known for her amazing Halloween Costumes and unbelievably star-studded parties!

So it´s no surprise that Heidi Klum has already got into the holiday spirit by indulging in some traditional pumpkin carving at a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles... The gorgeous Victoria´s Secret model got her hands messy as part of her new AOL show
Wearing funky leopard print leggings (perfect for Halloween) Heidi poses with her Pumpkins!
In the past Heidi has dressed up as everything from a sexy Cat to a Transformer...

Heidi hows how your Halloween Hair and Make Up is just as important as your Sexy Halloween Costume! Each year Heidi has her Vampire Fangs fitted as part of her costume. She isn´t afraid to go all out with different face paints, glittery eye shadows and daring false eyelashes... She evens puts in crazy contact lenses to completely change her image:

When speaking about her Halloween Parties Heidi said:

"For Halloween, my motto is ´More is more´. As the host, I have to set the bar high so that people feel excited about dressing up. I feel like people are freer to express themselves in costume. I try to think of costumes every year that haven´t been done or that I can make my own, like the Red Witch or Dracula."

(Sounds like what we do here at Girly Night Out!) See our Sexy Halloween Costumes for our take on the traditional Witch, Devil and Vampire Costumes.... Plus, if you want something a little different, you´ll love our funky neon Skeleton Costumes!

Heidi has often in the past, done "His and Hers" style fancy dress along with her husband, singer Seal. This year it is unknown what Heidi and husband Seal are dressing as for their bash, but Heidi recently let slip a little clue when she said: "We are going to be a little hairy."

With just over 2 weeks until Halloween, it´s time to start planning your Fancy Dress! Head to our Sexy Halloween Costumes section to get your spooky Halloween look!

Take some tips from Heidi and go wild this Hallloween with our Halloween Hair and Make Up!

Have a Happy Halloween,

Love The Girls xx

Picture of Heidi with Pumpkins courtesy of Splash News

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