Hen Night Do's and Hen Night Don'ts...!

The Rules of Engagement:

1. DO invite all the bridesmaids (whether you personally like them or not!) DON´T forget to double check if the ´Mums´ are allowed to attend or if there is a more sensible Hen Night planned for them... (Your Bride could be mortified getting a lap dance in front of her Mummy Dearest!

2. DO take your Bride out for dinner. Not only will she appreciate a bit of girly bonding over some grub, but no doubt your Bride has been rushing around trying to look fabulous for her Big Night and hasn´t eaten anything ... You don't want the bride being sick later when she´s had too many cocktails on an empty stomach! DON´T let the Bride eat anything smelly - Curry is a No-No. This is her LAST night of Freedom after all!! The Bride will most likely want to flirt with every Barman, Bouncer, Male in sight and garlic will not help.

3. DO make sure ALL your Hens know where they are going at the end of the night... Whether it´s a Hotel you´ve booked or the local taxi rank.... ....DON´T leave without all your Hens! (Unless she is walking away with a rich Brad Pitt look-a-like that is!)

4. DO make your Bride the centre of attention in some brilliant Fancy Dress or Hen Night Accessories! Is there a theme for the Hen Party? Get your Bride a complete costume or glam up her party dress with some fun accessories - a Bride to Be Sash is a must! DON´T forget the rest of the Hens! Add a little fun with some Shot Glass Necklaces or Personalised Tshirts. By the way, Willy Straws are FUNNY!

5. DO keep the party going... Throw in a few Hen Night Games - Dare Cards, Willy Hoopla ... Do you see where we are going with this?! DON´T worry! Not all Hen Nights have to be filled with Willy Boppers and drunkeness, Create your own games, eg Make a Tips Jar - All Hens write down their advice and tips for the Happily Married Couple and put them in a Jar for the Bride to read at the end of the night! She´ll soon want to run home to the man of her dreams.... (Sigh!)

Good Luck,

Love The Girls xx

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