Hen Night Survival Kit

Planning a Hen Party? Feeling a little daunted by the fact that you are responsible for several hours of pure, unadulterated fun?? Well, don´t worry!

We´ve put together a handy list of essentials to make sure you survive the Hen Party:

Hen Night Survival Kit - Hen Night Accessories
1. Name Tags - No awkward moments here! Give all your girls a pretty sticker with their name on... It won´t ruin their hen party costume and you´ll remember everyone´s names -  no matter how drunk you get!

2. Hen Party Game - A Hen Party is a great way for getting all your pals together, but you may need to break the ice with a fun Hen Party game... Our Girls Night Out Dare Cards will easily fit into your handbag. Or why not try the Bullshit Game for unedited fun!

3. Drunk and Disorderly Labels - If you´re travelling more than a mile away from your house it´s possible you may get lost after a few drinks... Make sure all your Hens know where they should be ending up with these clever address labels!

4. Take in your Handbag:

- Paracetamol (for the morning after) - Plasters - for those high heel emergencies - Hair bobble - erm, just so your friend isn´t holding your hair back... - Emergency Taxi number - Camera - if there are going to be any dodgy pictures from the Hen Party, it´s probably best if you´re behind the camera!!

A Hen Night Survival Kit is a great gift to give to each of your Hens. Why not put all your Hen Night treats together in one of our girly gift bags?

Good Luck Ladies!

Have fun on your big night out,

Love The Girls xx

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