Hen Party Games

Get the party started with our brand new Hen Party Games

Hen Parties are THE best way for the Bride to Be to get her favourite girls together and celebrate her last night of freedom... But if you don´t know the Brides Uni friends or work mates or second-cousin-twice-removed... You might feel a little bit out of the loop.


Our Hen Party games are a great way of breaking the ice and getting the party started! Our favourite HAS to be the Hot Willy Game (it´s like Hot Potato but way hotter!)

Hot Willy Game - Hen Party Games Who will get caught short holding the Willy?! Forfeits for the losers!

Choose from deadly drinking games...

Are you feeling lucky? Roll the dice and drink! These Lets Get Sh*tfaced Drinking Dice should be handled carefully... Truth or Dare Games - Think you know your BFF?? Think again!

The Bullshit Game will show your friends as they really are... Sweet and innocent or dirty little liars? All will be revealed! And the plain outrageous!

Pin the Willy on the Man with this hilarious ´Stick A Dick Game´!

What will you make your Bride do on her last night of freedom....?!

And they´re not just for Hen Nights... Our games are guaranteed to get any party started! Perfect for any Girly Night Out, Bachelorettes, Birthdays and more!

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