Hollyoaks Stars do Fancy Dress!

The Hollyoaks Stars clearly thought that they could out do TOWIE at Fancy Dress last weekend...
The cast of the show celebrated in style with a brilliant sea-themed fancy dress party to mark co-star Alice Barlow´s 20th birthday. The Birthday Girl rocked up as a Baywatch Babe in the Official Baywatch Costume (which can be found here on Girly Night Out!)

Several of the other guests (including co-star Jorgie Porter) were also feeling the Baywatch theme and sported the same iconic costume!

When Alice hopped onto the Karaoke Machine we can only guess what she was singing....

"Some people stand in the darkness Afraid to step into the light Some people need to help somebody When the edge of surrender´s in sight...." (You know the rest!)

Other costumes chosen to go with the sea themed fancy dress included Mermaids, Starfish, Neptune and Sexy Sailor Costumes! We love the Sailor outfit worn by Stephanie Davis. We have recently extended our Sexy Sailor Costumes range to include some brand new nautical outfits!

If you´re loooking for an unusual fancy dress theme for your Hen Night or Birthday Party, then why not opt for something like the Hollyoaks ´Under the Sea´ theme?!

Guests could choose from:

Sexy Sailor Costumes Mermaid Costumes Captain Costumes Lifeguards Pirate Fancy Dress Buried Treasure....?! Sea Creature - get creative!

So get your Sea legs on and get nautical! The options are endless!

Love The Girls xx

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