Hopping Mad for Playboy Bunnies!

Hugh Hefner is back in business! And he´s brought a bevy of gorgeous Playboy Bunnies with him...

Thirty years after the last Playboy Club closed in Mayfair, Hugh clearly believes that Britain is ready for a return to the sauciness of the Sixties. The 85-year-old brought glamour to the runway as he arrived in the UK surrounded by Bunny girls, ready to launch the new Playboy Club in London.

In an effort to recreate the glamorous image that Playboy had when Hefner launched it in 1960, the club is supposed to be full of gaming rooms, restaurants and of course, the obligatory Cottontail Lounge! Guests can expected to be waited on by cocktail waitresses in bunny costumes.

If you´re looking for a sexy fancy dress theme for your next Girly Night Out or Hen Night then this could be the one for you.... . Black Tie Bunny Costume on Girly Night Out (If Bridget Jones can pull it off then so can you!)

Get the complete Bunny Girl Costume or simply add a pair of fluffy bunny ears and tail to your outfit!

Have fun!

Love the Girls xx

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