How Are Your Nails Looking??

It´s freezing cold outside and despite the high street claims that "Spring is on it´s way", we just can´t bear to ditch our winter woollies just yet... So when you feel you need a pick-me-up but you don´t want to splash the cash on floaty florals... what do you do?!

Why not inject a little colour to your look with a fresh manicure?

Neon Nail Varnish - Neon Nail Polish

This frosty Winter air can leave your poor hands chapped, dry and drab. But one splash of nail varnish can be a quick and affordable way to update your look with the latest trends.

Here at Girly Night Out we use Stargazer nail varnishes. They are great for providing a vivid colour that is long lasting and super funky - the perfect finishing touch for your girly night out!

These long, cold nights are the perfect time to experiment with a little bit of nail art:

Nail Art Set - Girly Night Out - Nail VarnishNail Art Set on Girly Night Out

Get creative girls!

Use our bright neon varnishes to add a pop of colour to your finger tips... If you´ve got a steady hand then see if you can add polka dots, stripes or crazy patterns to your nails!

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Love The Girls xx
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