How many Hen Parties is too many?

Are You Having Multiple Hen Parties?

You may have seen that there was an interesting article in More Magazine recently (other magazines are available!) More´s editorial assistant Sam is covering her friends ´Big Fat Annoying Wedding´ - her words not ours - and giving her point of view on things from the Bridesmaids point of view...

The title of the article?

Hen Party - Girly Night Out - Hen Night Accessories

So, we´re asking, what do you think is the norm for Hen Parties??

When there are so many different guests to invite, should you combine the mature with the crazy.... or is it best that your Future Mother in Law doesn´t see you drinking from a Willy Straw

Who to Invite:

The Mums? Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom
The Inner Circle - other BFFS
Work Colleagues
Gym Class Buddies
Uni Friends
School friends
People-who-you´re-not-really-bothered-about-but-they-invited-you-to-theirs ...

The list is never ending!

And once you get your group together, it´s going to be even harder to decide on a theme and suitable games and party bags!! AAAH!

And so begins "The Era of the Multiple Hen Parties"

It´s the easiest way to split up your groups of Hens and plan a suitable event for each crowd. Do you agree? Are you having more than one Hen Party?

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Love the Girls xx
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