How to be a Cullen Vampire...

What we´re scouting today: How to be a Cullen Girl?.

Get a love bite or two this Halloween with our Sexy Vampire Costumes! This Halloween sink your teeth into our edgy looks for our favourite ?Twilight Girls!?
Alice, Bella and Rosalie!
The Girly Night Out girls have put together a few costume ideas and accessories so you can create your very own ?Cullen Girl? look. Here are a few ideas to get you started?

Bella - Romantic, Serious, Gothic
Bella - Vampire Costume - Girly Night Out
Aren´t you DYING to be Edward?s Soul mate?

Like Bella be effortless yet eye catching with our casual and slightly sexy outfit. The Black disco leggings are a perfect way to cover up yet elongate your pins! The Black Crop top is great to look ?low key? yet show a little skin..its a win win! Accessories are must this Halloween our Vampire Cross necklace gives a glam edge and makes you part of the vampire cult! Go all out with our cool Red contact lenses for an extra gothic look! Vamp up your make up with our Stargazer Red Lipstick for a dramatic finish! Now just add Fake Blood in Tube and fangs?After all, you?re a vampire now?

Alice - Fun, flirty, playful

Show your fun and slightly crazy side like the lovable Alice Cullen! Keep your look girly and fun with our Black Glitter Tutu! Stand out with our Black mini top hat with veil for a gothic yet sexy approach. Be edgy with our Black lipstick (why not add some face diamonds?) Our Jewelled Choker necklace will give a glamorous finish ! Red Contact lenses are a must for a vamp-eyed stare!

Rosalie - Sexy, hot-blooded, Vampish
Ooze sex appeal just like Rosalie, in one of our sexy strapless dresses. Available in red or black, you´ll look red hot or deadly... Accessorise with a glamorous necklace and some sexy stockings. Complete your look with lashings of red lipstick!

Happy Halloween Twilight Fans!

Love The Scout XOXO

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