How To: Bleach Tie Dye Sweatshirt

We loved our bleach tie dye Tea Please Jumper so much we had to share a step by step how to with you! It was so easy and fun to do and looks so cool at the end; there's no reason you wouldn't want to. Just make sure you're wearing clothes you don't mind getting bleach on just in case and lay down some bin bags on your floor or surface to make sure everything's protected.

Tea Please Jumper Flat Lay from Rock On Ruby

First things first, what are you going to bleach? I went for our tea please jumper because it was a dark navy and knew it would bleach well but other colours would look good too! Just make sure they're not on the lighter side because they won't lift as obviously. Once you've got your item of choice you'll also need some bleach and elastic bands.

Bleach tie dye DIY by Rock On Ruby

Lay your top out flat and then begin twirling the fabric together. I chose to start the swirl at the bottom towards one side so that the spiral pattern wasn't so obvious on the top and didn't cover the writing. I also made sure to twist the sleeves as well so that they came out with a pattern on too. Once you've twisted the whole top, secure it with some elastic bands.

Bleach Tie dye upcycle by Rock On ruby

Then the fun bit! Cover it in bleach. Make sure the whole thing is covered. Use some gloves to turn the bundled top over so that you can get both sides. Then leave it and watch it change. I left mine for about an hour but you can literally see the colour change so it's up to you when to decide it's done. Once it's the colour you want just pop it in the wash.

Bleach Tie dye with Rock On Ruby

Leave it to dry and voila! You have a bleached tie dye top! I went a step further and cropped my jumper but that's completely up to you! To make sure you don't cut it the wrong length put it on and mark with a piece of chalk where you want the bottom of the top to hit. I left mine with a raw hem because I think it matches the bleached style but if you want a hem make sure to leave a little extra length!

upcycled Bleach Tie Dye sweater from Rock On Ruby

What are you going to try this with?

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