How to celebrate mother's day at home

Mother's Day is this Sunday! Like every other holiday from this past year it will be spent in lockdown (shock) but that doesn't mean the plans have to stop! This year you can get creative and find new ways to celebrate while staying home. Here's some of our top ideas for whether you're living with mum or having to socially distance...

mothers day event ideas from home in lockdown

living with mum?

1. Breakfast in bed

Super easy but also such a nice gesture! Make your mums favourite breakfast food and a good old cuppa and take it up to her. Extra brownie points if you make it look cute too - because we all know food tastes better when it looks good!

breakfast in bed from Pinterest breakfast in bed from Pinterest

Inso for you from Pinterest

2. Make an at home Spa Day

Just because the spas are closed doesn't mean you can't get pampered. Round up the skin care, candles and nail varnish and you're sorted. Of course, dressing gowns are not optional in this scenario. This could also work if you live away from mum, just arrange the time and hop on FaceTime together.

3. Cook your fierce mama a meal

I realise this is the second food related suggestion but you just can't go wrong! A Sunday dinner being cooked would definitely make the day good. If cooking isn't so much your forte, then an afternoon tea could be super cute and easy to pull off. Finger sandwiches, scones, cakes.... it's basically just a fancy picky tea!

Living apart?

1. Send a letter box gift

We've been raving about these all year so hopefully yours is on it's way by now! Our sassy, slim gift boxes are the perfect fit for the letter box so your prezzie is delivered straight to your mum. Unfortunately, ordering now is too late and will not get it there in time for Sunday. (These are available all year round though!)

aint no hood like motherhood gift box letterbox gift set from rock on ruby for mothers day

2. Go for a walk together

It feels like all we've done this past year is go for walks, but if it means being able to see someone from another household we're going to pretend we're still enjoying it! If you live close enough to each other, you could go on a brisk lockdown walk together for a little catch up face to face.

3. Watch a film together

I recently gave in and finally bought Disney plus. Since doing so I've learnt that you can group watch films and tv series together! It allows you to stream at the same time with others so even if you're far away, you can still have a movie night together.

Which one will you be doing?

Bethan ROR xx

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