How To Deal With A Break Up

1) Go Out

It may be tempting, but do not stay in. Whether you call your girls, go late night shopping (your credit card will always love you) or get yourself to the gym (ok who are we kidding!?) - make sure you don’t sit in listening to Taylor Swift and watching the Notebook.

2) Stop Comparing Yourself

Yes, easier said than done, but don’t compare yourself to your friends and their “perfect” relationships. You are a strong sassy babe and you do not need a need a relationship to be happy. Yes, easy to feel bitter (I mean who hasn't at some point!?) but just remember you are single, free and fabulous!

3) Eat Your Weight In Junk Food

Don’t be so hard on yourself! Break ups are hard and you totally deserve a night off of calorie counting / the gym / anything remotely good for you (bad influences…us?!).

4) Try Not To Third Wheel It

You may be inseparable from your BFF, but it's really not great to throw yourself into their date night…Sure you’ll WhatsApp all night, and send 100s of screen shots of texts from your ex, but best to leave it at that!

5) Enjoy Your Own Company

Yes, remember how utterly fabulous you are! You don’t need to go anywhere to have a good time - pamper yourself, have a Netflix binge and or do some major girl crush IG stalking. You don’t need anyone else to make you feel good - you’re a queen and you got this!

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