How To: Edit Your IOS14 Homepage

If you hadn't heard (have you been living under a rock?) IOS had a new update - and it was a big one; maybe not quite the jump from 3D style icons to the new 2D style but still, pretty big. You can now fully customise the layout of your home page and people have been loving it. The amount of home screens that have popped up on my social media this week has been crazy - I've seen windows 98, wii home page, 70s inspired and loads more. So, I thought I would join in the fun by editing my own homepage and showing you how to as well!

how to change the iphone home page so that it is aesthetically pleasing

First things first, update your phone. Obvs. Once that's done, you're going to need the shortcuts app (already downloaded) as well as the widgetsmith app which is a free download.

So, on the shortcuts app, click the plus at the top right > click add action > type open app and choose that option. Now you can just type which app it is you want to open.

adding new personalised shortcut icons to iphone home page

After that, click the three dots at the top right > type your shortcut name (eg. phone) > click add to home screen. This will then let you change the icon by choosing an image from your photos! Click done and viola! It should be on your home page. I did this for all the apps that I wanted on my home page.

cute cartoon iphone ios14 icons from rock on ruby

To add a widget, hold down on your home screen and click the plus icon in the top left. You can choose from a load of different options. This is where widgetsmith comes into it. Use this app to change the design and colour of the widget to however you like. I went for pink and white to fit the Rock On ruby Aesthetic. Once you've saved the style you want, type widgetsmith into the search bar when adding a widget to the homepage. Then add in the size you designed. If it isn't showing the right design, hold down on the widget > click edit widget > then click the blue text and make sure the right style is selected.

cute cartoon iphone ios14 icons from rock on ruby

Now just style to your heart's content! It's very easy to get carried away!

pink cartoon girly aesthetic IOS14 homepage widgets and icons

Save these icons and backgrounds to create your own ROR Aesthetic AF home page!

calm palm tree shadow iphone background from rock on ruby

What does your home page look like?!

Bethan ROR XX

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