How to have a sassy and sustainable Christmas!

Christmas has really crept up on us this year! While I absolutely love (like LOVE) the festive season, it can create a whole lot of waste. I am fully guilty of being excessive during this time. So, I've put together a little guide of how we can all have a more sustainable Christmas this year! BTW, there's a common misconception that sustainability means more expensive - but I promise that's not the case! I've included some cheap and cheerful options!

how to have a more eco friendly sustainable christmas

The Presents

I can't help but think of that scene in The Grinch where he screams about all the unwanted gifts that end up in the trash chute. We might be just slightly biased, but we think personalised gifts are the best! It's going to mean something to the lovely person receiving it and so they're more likely to keep it for longer! (you can click here for our 2020 gift guide) Another great option is to go home made. No one turns down biscuits or cake?! Plus you've put your time and effort into it and they will deffo appreciate this.

The Wrapping

This might be hard to hear, but you've got to ditch the glittery wrapping paper. It can't be recycled! Also it gets everywhere... I'm a sucker for a classic brown paper and twine parcel. Add a little sprig of rosemary or holly in there to make it even cuter and super christmassy! I also love the look of the homemade pom pom decorations! Or, if you hate wrapping all together, just have us do it for you! Add a Rock On Ruby gift box to your order - they're plastic free and recyclable.

eco friendly christmas gift wrapping ideas

The Decorations

This year I've been seeing so many more natural decor ideas. My tiktok has been filled with garland making videos! I love the look of these pinecone and orange garlands and all I can think about it how good they would make a room smell! Plus, this is a much cheaper option to buying a garland. We use pinecones to fill out our Christmas tree as well. As well as these decorations, I also saw a tiktok of a woman making a "living wreath" which I am definitely going to have to try! It means it'll keep for so much longer than usual! Click here to see that video.

sustainable eco christmas decoration ideas

The Food

Possibly the best part of Christmas... This is less so a "sustainable" point, but shopping local is possibly more important than ever this year. Helping out a small/local business around the Christmas period can mean so much. It also means you can spend less time running round in the big supermarkets while they're super busy!

Which part of Christmas are you looking forward to the most?

Bethan ROR XX

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