How To: Make Your Uni Room More Homely

While this year is definitely not the same as any before it, September has still come around. You're moving out for the first time into your very own flat at halls - or you're headed back for another year of uni and have got a new room to make your own all over again. Having your own space that you feel comfortable in is always important, but it feels even more so, now more than ever. Moving can be scary, never mind the fact that you're doing it while there's a pandemic going on. So, make sure your room is a place you're happy to be in - it really can make such a difference to your mood!

how to make your university dorm room feel homely

Wall Art

While your uni might do things differently, mine had the basic, boring, beige walls that the majority do. Not really my vibe. So the first thing I did it put some pictures up. However, if you want your deposit back you can't do this bit willy nilly. If you get a pin board this makes things easier! But for the actual walls, white tack works better than blue tack. My top tip: roll blue tack when taking it off instead of pulling it off! Hanging strips can work well too, but just don't put too much weight on them. I like the idea @girlandbird had below by using foldback clips to hang her prints.  I deffo recommend these cute, uplifting prints from our site - because you'll need some motivation, trust me.

motivational print from ethical brand rock on ruby motivational print from ethical brand rock on ruby


Fairy Lights 

Is there anything more cosy looking than some cute twinkly fairy lights?! You might think it's a bit basic, but having some dimmer, warm lights in your room is a game changer when compared to the fluorescent lighting of halls. It's like they purposefully choose the least flattering lighting and put it everywhere.

A Good Mug

Never underestimate the power of a good mug. It has the ability to change a mood. While, yes, you could have that coffee in any old mug, for some reason it will not taste as good as is it does from that one particular one. Don't ask me why, but you know it's true. We've got a whole range of sassy mugs but I think this one below has to be my fave!


A Fluffy Blanket

Having a blanket to snuggle up and watch a film in is an obvious tip. But, they're also really good at making a room look neater. Maybe it's just me that thinks this because it looks like a bomb has gone off in my room after I've gotten ready to go anywhere, but putting a blanket at the end of your bed just seems to tie the room together? They're also great for those afternoon naps after a few too many drinks at the SU.

Good luck and have a great time! 

Bethan ROR XX

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