How to radiate Elle Woods Energy

What, like it's hard?!

Elle Woods (of Legally Blonde fame obvs) is a true feminist icon and you can't change my mind! I think we would all benefit from radiating a little more Elle Woods energy and so I've broken down her best characteristics to help us all do just that.

how to be more like elle woods in your daily life

Fully believe in yourself

Might sound corny, but the entire story line of this film runs on Elle's sheer will-power and belief that she can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. She believes in her abilities 1000%. Her confidence is unmatched and definitely something we all need a bit more of.

elle woods i'm going to harvard

Put in the work

I can't help but think of that scene where she's studying while on an elliptical! Elle is super driven and puts in the work to get what she wants - even when it means missing out on things she would otherwise really enjoy. Her goals are her priorities and she absolutely smashes them. So, stay determined and you will succeed.

Support your besties

Sorority life definitely isn't for everyone, but Legally Blonde uses it to show the loyalty Elle has for her friends and the support women can show each other - collaboration not competition. Plus, if that scene where Paulette finally gets the courage to take her dog back doesn't make you realise the power of a good friendship then I don't know what will! Support your gals!

And always be polite

Even to that lawyer student that got a ring off your man... Elle throws the occasional shady comment but is never outwardly rude to any of the other students even after they mock her. Even her insult to Vivian isn't a real insult. She keeps her dignity and stays civil. Being the bigger person can really pay off.

Know when you need a self care break

You know, sometimes you just need to take a break out of your busy schedule and get your nails done. Elle Woods is the queen of healthy work/life balance - and you should be too. Don't forget to treat yourself once in a while and keep your mind healthy.

Never change your identity to fit in

Who said professional clothing has to be grey or black?! Don't ever change who you are or who you want to be because of someone else's comments or thoughts. You've totally got this and will do amazing exactly how you are.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and radiate all that Elle Woods energy!

Bethan ROR xx

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