How to REALLY spoil the Bride to Be...

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Hen Party is probably L Plates, fake willys *blushes*, and a lot of alcohol... But apart from having one wild night, what´s it really all about?!

It´s about saying goodbye to your BFF!! Yes, she will always need her girls (if she says she doesn´t shes lying) but she now has a new BFF in her life - also known as The Husband. And as strange as it may seem, Saturday nights will soon be confined to the sofa and their Sundays will soon consist of newspapers and breakfast in bed.... Without you. Boohoo!!

So! To help you give her one hell of a send off, we've come up with our "Top 5 Ways to Surprise the Bride" -

1. Get Personal! Nothing screams "I´ve really thought about this" than a personalised item. From a cheeky Personalised vest top to a lovely personalised gift for her... Give her something that will be a reminder of her Hen Party for years to come.

2. Get Cheeky! For a cheeky treat, you can't go wrong with a buff butler! - He'll be at your beck and call throughout the event to serve drinks and nibbles whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

3. Get Alcohol! Have a toast to the Bride to Be... Arrange for a bubbly reception on arrival at the hotel to set the tone for a classy weekend. Or why not organise a Limo - it´s the safest way to drink and drive!

4. Get Organised! If you've got a meal booked for the evening, plan ahead! Go the venue early and decorate the table with some themed Hen Night Partyware - we just so happen to have a fabulous range for you to look at! Even just a couple of balloons will instantly add that party atmosphere! So call ahead and let the restaurant know that you´re coming in early...

5. Afterwards... Depending on the event the Bride to Be may not actually remember very much! So ask your Hens to give you their best pictures from the night and make a hen night memento for the Bride. Add in any hilarious stories, private jokes and tips for the Bride - it will give her something to look at during those Saturday nights on the sofa!

Most importantly, show her why you´re there!

If you surprise your Bride to Be and want to show off what you did, then tweet us your picture to @GirlyNightOut

Have fun ladies!

Love The Girls


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