How to Sew Mini Christmas Stockings

We're back with another sewing upcycle tutorial. These mini stockings are a really cute way to gift money in a more festive way or even as a teeny weeny hamper of sorts! Add in a hot chocolate sachet, a chocolate bar and a nail varnish for a mini night in. Or they could be the perfect pet sized stocking! They're a cute way to use up some scrap fabric as well as a good Christmas craft.

tutorial on how to make a diy mini christmas stocking from upcycled material

You will need:

Two different fabrics - we used two old tops!


sewing machine


what you need to diy sew a miniature christmas stocking

Cut two socks shapes from your chosen fabric with a seam allowance all the way round. My stocking was roughly 8cm by 15cm.  I drew it on paper and used this as a template to cut through two layers of fabric. For the top piece, use a different colour fabric and cut a rectangle that is 16cm by 15cm. The longer edge is double the top of the stocking.  I used the fold to get an even cut.

tutorial on how to use scrap fabric to create a mini stocking for christamas

Fold the different colour fabric in half along the longer edge so that it is the width of the top of the stocking. Sew together.

diy christmas crafts

Put the two sock shapes together and sew these together too. Once sewn turn it inside out so that the seams are hidden. With the top section, open it as a loop and then fold down over itself in half, hiding the seams.

mini stocking christmas craft diy

Place the top section around the sock with the raw hems lined up together.

diy christmas crafting stocking sock

Now the tricky bit! Sew around the top of the sock. Put the foot inside the sock and slowly make your way round making sure not the catch the other side of fabric with the needle. After this, just fold the different colour fabric upwards to cover the seam and you’re done!

diy mini Christmas stocking from upcycled material for christmas gifting mini pet stocking tutorial

What will you use yours for?!

Bethan ROR xx

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