How to: Slogans for Winter Style

We're all about the Winter Olympics (I know who'd have thought it; us and SPORT!?). It's just seems so much cooler *pardon the pun* than the standard Olympics. We don't know if it's the teenage girl in us crushing on all the cute snowboarders, the death defying sports (the skeleton in CRAY-ZEY) or whether we secretly harbour dreams of dancing on ice; all we know is, we're addicted. The team seams younger and fresher than ever before and it looks like one big party (who cares about training!?) - this has got us in the mood for some apres ski style and luckily we have some perfect sassy slogans to style up in the snow (or very cold rain if you live in Manchester).

Apres Ski £34 - Well there's nothing like going out there and saying it like it is. We want Apres Ski and we've made sure everyone knows! Available in chic white, to hopefully match the powder soft snow you're currently looking at, or stylish navy; you can't go wrong in this holographic ski companion

Like Snow £34 - We don't mince our words here at ROR. We're cold, but beautiful! You can't have everything, and our sassy slogan at least gives you a heads up! With glittery font on a chic black sweater, this is all you need to keep your cold heart warm!

Ice Ice Baby £32 - Bet ya can't read this with out singing it! STOP collaborate and listen - we're here with a brand new slogan! Oh yes, get ice ice crazy with our subtle yet stylish slogan, hinting that we'd prefer our ice served in an alcoholic beverage!

The Winer Olympics are being show on BBC1, Two and Four up until 25th February!

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