How To Stay Motivated While WFH

So, if you're like me, you're being told to work from home if you can again. Having said that, I never actually stopped working from home and neither did anyone I know. After 6 months of lockdown it's all still going on. As well as this, universities have started back up and I've never been more glad to have graduated already - I know I would struggle with having to do my lectures online. So, we thought some of you might need another boost of motivation and some organisation tips.

First up, have a dedicated space for your work. You have a desk to do work on while at the office so, having a space just for work at home as well will help get you in the right mindset. I'm currently typing from my designated desk which has a framed Rock On Ruby parcel to try and give me that extra push. Having a nice area to work in definitely helps!

working from home aesthetic deesk set up with wall art from rock on ruby

Secondly, this might not be your thing but it really helps me, lists! I write a list for everything because it just seems to get it out of my head. I start each day by writing the main things I need to get done for that day and then add when other things come along. I find this useful because it means I don't have to keep switching through tabs to keep track of what I'm doing - it's all right next to me.

However, if you prefer everything on the screen, notion could be really useful too. You can sort all your tasks into columns depending on whether they've been done or not, their importance, or whatever you think works best for you.  It might take some time to get used to, but once you find what works for you it can be a real help to keep track of everything.

staying motivated while working from home using the free rock on ruby weekly planner

Lastly, a good old fashion planner. Seeing your week planned out will take some of the worry out of it and will make sure nothing is forgotten about. To make things even better, we've put together a free, printable weekly planner for you! There are two different layouts so that you can choose which works best for you. This is great to fill out and pin on your wall or keep next to your laptop/­computer.

Click the two links below for you free, printable planner!

Free weekly planner

Free weekly planner 2

What is your top tip for staying motivated?

Bethan ROR


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