How To Style: Personalised Year Sweatshirt

Every once in a while, we have a MAJOR hit on our hands. Don't get us wrong; we LOVE every single one of our sassy slogans, but just sometimes, all of us in the office get slightly excited about one design in particular. That's how we felt when we first designed our 'Personalised Year' sweater earlier last year! From the get go we hoped people would embrace the individuality and fabulousness of this chic and stylish sweater, but even we couldn't have foreseen just how much you LOVE this one! And although there have been copies, ours is the original and the best (obvs).

Although originally designed as an 'any year' type of thing, we soon realised that you guys bloomin' loved letting everyone know just when you arrived to sass up the world! From the day we sent out the first designs to bloggers, we knew we had something special on our hands. You lots have been LOVING the different colour combos, and it's always so fun to see which one's you go for!

We wanted to show you just how our lovely customers have been styling it up, and there all surprisingly quite different! There have been a few girls (although it is totes unisex) who have been wearing it to work out in - super chic gym wear! Like the lovely @­meet­jes­sica­marie who wore it with gym leggings for a run - YAS QUEEN!

The most popular way to style our year sweater is with good old denim! Whether it's tucked in to high waist mom jeans, or baggy and comfy over some skinnies - with our range of chic colours, there really is a jumper for everyone! You may not want to give away your age *cough 80s who? cough* then why not commemorate the year your child was born, your wedding or even just a cool year in your life! It makes a fantastic thoughtful gift too! PERFECT!

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