How To Survive A Festival!

Earlier on in the year we featured the best and worst parts of music festivals - we're now going to tell you how to SURVIVE one! Oh yes, we're seasoned pros here at ROR, so we thought we'd pass down our knowledge to you. We learnt the hard way (ah life before a shewee...a device making weeing easier - gross but top of our list hun!) and we don't want you to suffer the same way! With Reading and Leeds Fest just around the corner, we are preparing you now so you can enjoy the festivities and look your best at the same time!

Embrace the mud - Let's face it, despite this ridiculous heat wave we've been having this summer, sod's law, it WILL rain on the weekend of your festival. Rain or no rain, there is bound to be mud. Fields, thousands of people and alcohol usually results in muddy goodness. Best way to deal with it, EMBRACE it. Wellies, waterproofs and lots of wet wipes, have fun and get muddy!

Get into the camping vibes - Yup, festivals mean camping. We're not outsidey people at the best of times, but when we have to sleep in a tent, well, we have a slight melt down. But, the best way to beat them is to join them! Go all out scouting style! Snuggies, camp fire sing songs - you got this!

Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail - Yup, we made the same mistake. Turned up to our first festival with a bottle of vodka, hot pants and some glow sticks (all totally amazing, but useless). No we arm ourselves with camping chairs (no one wants to sit on the floor for 72 hours), solar powered battery packs, battery operated hair straighteners and basically anything we can fit in our massive back pack - SORTED.

Glitter Is Your Best Friend - Eye bags, streaky fake tan, muddy clothes? Add some GLITTER BABY! Oh yes, in day to day life it can be slightly annoying, hard to get rid of and generally stays around for years, but in the festival setting it can hide a multitude of sins!

Dirty Hair? Go With It! - Yup, we realise most of these tips are "embrace it", but honesty, after years of fighting and definitely not winning, we're all about rolling with the festival issues. So, hair. Yup, our biggest issue. Rain, mud, sweat, said glitter, and probs some spilt beer in there for good measure. When showers are limited, whack some dry shampoo in and go for the wild hair look! If all else fails, wear a hat!

Go with a Group of Girl Friends - The best way to ensure you have a great time, is to go with more than just one or two friends. Go with a group! You may not know all of them, but trust me, after 3 days of no sleep, no showers and lots of alcohol, you're bound to fall out with someone, so spread your time, and have plenty of people to have a good time with (learnt from experience!).

Take A Bum Bag - Thank god these bad boys have come back in style. We lived through 3 festivals without a bum bag, and let me tell you, it's not a great experience. A bum bag will save your life at a festival - trust us! Hand free goodness makes sure you can keep you money, phone and hand gel (you need at least 5 bottles) safe at all times - plus the look super cool now ; )

If All Else Fails, Drink! - Sorry to be bad examples, and we would never encourage people to drink irresponsibly, but at the end of the day; if the festival is a wash out, you've had to wee in a bush and you haven't slept comfortably for 3 nights, then have a drink!

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