How to Tie Dye A Sweatshirt

After releasing our new embroidered tie dye t-shirts we just cannot get enough tie dye in our wardrobes right now! I had to add some more and give it a go myself so decided to dye my personalised year jumper.  I'd managed to get foundation on the bright white collar so it's the perfect cover up! This is a great way to upcycle and renew your clothing instead of throwing it away. So, first things first...

What you need:

  • The item(s) getting upcycled!
  • Fabric dye - I used Dylon poppy red to compliment the red writing
  • Salt
  • Elastic bands
  • A measuring jug
What you need for Tie Dying Rock On Ruby Clothing

Step One: Prepare the dye

Fill the jug with 500ml of warm water and then add a few tablespoons of salt - the packet says to use 250g but I just put 4 tablespoons and it worked fine! After this, just add in the dye. Because I wouldn't be diluting the dye any further, I only used a bit more than half of the packet rather than the entire thing.

Step Two: Bundle it up

First, dampen your chosen clothing victim with water and wring it out. Then, swirl your item of clothing in any way you want. I twisted from the bottom right so that the swirl pattern wasn't overly obvious. If you don't want this spiral look at all though, just scrunch randomly for a different style! Once you've got what you want, secure it with some elastic bands. Now the fun part; pour the dye all over it. Make sure to use gloves to flip it over and get both sides.

Rock On Ruby Tie Dye How to Rock On Ruby Tie dye how to

Step Three: Wash it out

After leaving the dye on the fabric for around an hour, rinse the bundled item in the sink keeping the elastic bands on. After rinsing, take off the elastic bands and put it in the wash how you would with your clothes normally. Once this is done, take it out, leave to dry and then you're done!

Upcylce clothes with Tie Dye from Rock On Ruby Rock On Ruby Tie Dye How To

How to Tie Dye Rock On Ruby Personalised Jumper

I 100% recommend some matching tie dye socks!

How to upcycle old clothes from Rock On Ruby

Will you be trying tie dye any time soon?

Bethan ROR X

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