How to: Wear Your T-Shirt 5 Different Ways

We want you to get the absolute most out of your Rock On Ruby T-shirt, so we've put together a little list of ways you can make your t-shirt feel different every time you wear it - because outfit fatigue is a real thing! Stop yourself from getting bored of that one piece in your wardrobe by switching it up using these... BTW, if you like any of these tops, just click the pic to shop!

1. Tuck it in all the way round - obvs

Super easy, super comfy, a classic. But also easy to get bored of.

Different ways to tie a rock on ruby t-shirt

2. The French Tuck

Tan France's fave, (If you haven't watched Queer Eye I 100% recommend it) Just tuck in the front bit of your tee and you're done! I think this gives a more "casual but cool" vibe.

different ways to tuck a rock on ruby t-shirt

3. Tie it with a knot

Using a bobble to do this makes it so much easier and looks more natural. Just pull all the fabric forward and then put the bobble through like you would a pony tail, then pull it halfway through and twist the fabric that's been left out of the bobble and tuck it in to the loop. I made that sound way more complicated than it is... Check out our tiktok for a video explanation!

how to tie your rock on ruby t-shirt different ways

4. Cropped Style

Tuck into your bra strap for a cropped look without having to chop it up. This is really easy! Just tuck the bottom of your top into the bottom of your bra strap and just keep adding fabric till you're happy with the length. If you don't have a bra to tuck it into you can tie two bobble on each side of your tee and tuck them under themselves for a similar look.

how to crop a rock on ruby top without cutting

5. Fitted Look

Tie in a knot at the back (the same you would for number 3) for a fitted look. This definitely works best if you're going to be wearing a jacket to hide the knot but can still look good without! Another easy way is to pull the fabric into a pony tail type thing and then just tuck it under itself into your top - makes a cute ruched look at the back.

a fitted top made from a loose fitting rock on ruby organic t-shirt

Which one are you going to try?

Bethan ROR


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